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YNOT Wednesdays Recap: April 10th 2019

Updated: May 6, 2019

Last week’s YNOT Wednesday Songwriter Spotlight focused on several up and coming local Nashville artists! Round one consisted of James Stone, David Tucker, and Ava Suppelsa. New to Nashville from Kentucky, James Stone’s charming smile and slightly raspy vocals make him the perfect pop-country boy for this city. James performed original material including ‘I Don’t Want To Miss You Anymore,’ ‘This Party’s For Two,’ and ‘You’re My Favorite Song.’ Taking us back with a little bit more of a classic country sound David Tucker was an incredible act to watch. Not only did he perform impressive originals including ‘Something to Believe In’ and ‘Cold Summer’ but he was also quick to add harmonies to nearly all his cowriter’s performances. Lastly in round one Ava Suppelsa showed off her sweet southern side in singing a few beautiful acoustics including her own original ‘Sleeping with Him’ and ‘Slower’ cut by Austin Burke.

Round two was a special one. Not only did Dylan Altman have the place singing along to major country hits including his cut of Jason Aldean’s ‘Take A Little Ride’ and Jake Owen’s ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ but Tyler Chambers gained a handful of new fans when singing his original songs ‘I’d Spin It,’ ‘Seeing Somebody Else,’ and ‘I Don’t Know My Way Around You’ co-written with Lainey Wilson. Matt Chase and Chris Rogers had their first live performance in a writers round as Southerland and damn do we have something to watch out for! Giving us a sneak peek into what their all about; the duo performed an incredible lineup of originals including ‘When She Wants To Dance’ and ‘Picking Up What You’re Putting Down.’

Closing the night strong, Ryan Nelson, Matt Bell and Jobe Fortner took us home in round three. Co-written with Jordan Fletcher, Ryan Nelson performed ‘Easy Now’ along with other originals ‘She Loves the Way My Heart Breaks’ and ‘Roots’ which he mentioned was written the night before with Tyler Chambers. Matt Bell then took over performing ‘I’ll Take Off My Boots’ co-written with Ryan as well as ‘Old Souls’ and ‘Then.’ Recently back from touring with Country Star Luke Combs, Jobe Fortner was a pleasure to have as part of the last round. He performed a few of his newer singles ‘Wherever She Is’ and ‘That’s My Amen.’

Come checkout our next round tomorrow night, May 1st, at Live Oak in Nashville!


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